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08.12.2019 - It Is Proven to Work

It is not guesswork if this generates money or not...when in fact it does.

It is a proven business model so we know it generates money and loads of it!

People seem to be confused because lots of places say they have a proven model.

But if you think about it, which platforms online generate the most money and why are they doing that?? Yes, you are correct... it is platforms like FB and Google and their model is a free platform with ads on them. Easy to figure out isn't it?  And they make billions of dollars quite easily :)

So why do people get tricked into believing a free platform with ads on it doesn´t generate money?

Well, I really do not know.

But I do know this... We can make whatever site they can make and if people come to these sites instead the billions of dollars can be distributed on down to the people instead of staying in the pockets of the owner.

This is such a brilliant idea so we need to tell it to everyone we know.

*The 1% richest people today have MORE WEALTH combined than all the other 99% of the planet's population.

So let us give all people a better chance!!