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15.09.2019 - stop insanity

Let us build a better world for the many, not the few

As inequality increases all over the world we need to make a change fast
1% of the world owns more than the other 99% together. 

That is insane!

Over the past year the billionaires increased their wealth by $672 billion. 

Don’t you find that alarming?

They didn’t need an extra $672 billion they already owned billions

We need to change our ways
Wealth can be shared
So make the change

Your Web Base is a first step towards a better world for the many not the few
Alone we are one drop……….Together we are an ocean

Your Web Base has the solution.  We are not a company – just ordinary people working together with a common goal, to make the world a better place
Just a large base of people sharing the revenue – a large base attracts many advertisers -  means big revenue.  A small base – small revenue
The more people the more money we make because advertisers are only attracted to the base number of people on the site
Alone we can do little but together we can do so much. 

We have set up sites that are designed to share the billions of advertising money and we can add more at any time.
Your Web Base does not promise you anything except the bigger the base the more revenue.
Become a part of the Change and build your own downline and we can all share in this new economy

Your Web Base is not one thing, it is lots of great things!
We show you the best legitimate and free opportunities in 2019
It doesn´t matter if you have already joined them,
Here at Your Web Base you get one link to promote them all!