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I have been looking for an online opportunity for a while now. I soon realised that this was not an easy task.

I was pleasantly surprised when I eventually found Your Web Base. A free platform with a wealth of knowledge and ideas shared amongst its members with the intention to guide and empower.

A constant search for the best legitimate online opportunities, honestly reflected so members can make informed choices.

All opportunities are researched and once accepted, reviewed to ensure they remain in line with YWB ethics to protect its members.

Such ethical practices make Your web base a powerful place to be. Success is imminent!

-Judith Greenidge


Be the change you wish to see in the world…
Make a difference…
If ever there was an opportunity where the true goal is to change the world,
and make it a better place, it would have to be Your Web Base. 
It is true heart and soul from our fearless leader on through the network that is a family…
as we connect from nation to nation…  human being to human being. 
A true blessing for all to share. 

- Chad Wallaker


Why YWB?

Our hope for the future.

- Jerry Goh


Ywb is the best family to be with,  the people here are friendly,  fun loving, hardworking,dedicated to bringing the best to getting others who want a piece of the pie of financial freedom.

-Sonia Burke


I love ywb for so many reasons, I love it because it gives you so many different options to be able to advertise. When I first got on ywb and I didn't realize it was as simple as learning your ABC's. It's a great platform and very enjoyable, it also is nice to have something out there that lets us make an income with out having to always pay all this money out of pocket. 

I am glad I joined ywb and wouldn't change it for anything!

- Ashley Angelicola


I decided to join YWB for one reason : It has all the ingredients anyone would like to
have in order to be successful online and most importantly,it helps generate great income.

Most people often hesitate to take action but action takers are those who succeed in life.

I joined YWB and I am really satisfied with the service provided specially and it's
advertising program which is a hidden gem. It's simply amazing!.

I also higly appreciate its friendly & efficient support; something which is lacking on
other platforms.

I have no doubt: For any newbie or experienced marketer,YWB is the way to go.
I love it will love it too.

- Michael Arouff


The world can never be a good place for everyone if all wealth ends up in the pockets of a few people.

Every person online is of value and their content and data is of value but of value for who? Every person should own their own content and data, noone else should get paid for a persons contribution to an online platform. Big companies get huge profits in their own pockets of our data, content and participation. Now we can see all that is about to change. YourWebBase have a collection of platforms which share their profits with us and protect our data. These are the platforms everyone should use in my opinion.

YWB want to fight inequality and that is what make me a loyal member of this community.

- Lena Liljedahl


I`m a happy member in Ywb-Yourwebbase.
Its a great place with huge opportunities.
In Ywb there are lots of great programs and businessopportunities, all I have to promote is Ywb, and then the rest is inside YWB for my signups to join.
I truly belive that Ywb can do alot for many people and together we can make the world a better place.

- Malin Hysén


Ywb is for everyone because it is free for all!!

A brilliant way to put the best income sources in the same site, just brilliant.

I recommend all people to join

- Marit Landgren


A smart idea that benefits everyone!

Easy registration and all help you want to get started.

Teamwork beyond the ordinary

Sustainable in the long term!

- AnnCharlott Holback


It is not guesswork if this generates money or not...when in fact it does.

It is a proven business model so we know it generates money and loads of it!

People seem to be confused because lots of places say they have a proven model.

But if you think about it, which platforms online generate the most money and why are they doing that?? Yes, you are correct... it is platforms like FB and Google and their model is a free platform with ads on them. Easy to figure out isn't it?  And they make billions of dollars quite easily :)

So why do people get tricked into believing a free platform with ads on it doesn´t generate money?

Well, I really do not know.

But I do know this... We can make whatever site they can make and if people come to these sites instead the billions of dollars can be distributed on down to the people instead of staying in the pockets of the owner.

With Web 3.0 everything will change - blockchain and smart contracts - gives the power back to the people, and we are of course in on the ground floor.
Come inside and learn more about Frega, for example.

This is such a brilliant idea so we need to tell it to everyone we know.

*The 1% richest people today have MORE WEALTH combined than all the other 99% of the planet's population.

So let us give all people a better chance!!


Here is something for everyone!


After you have joined the programs we meet in WowApp.

And if you want to be a part of the Global Tribe all meetings are on WowApp, so that is mandatory.

The Global Tribe is the place if you have a great business idea you need help to start or if you are interested in participating in other people's projects.

Or maybe you just want to be a part of doing good?