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Get the Your Web Base App, the #1 app to play free games that pay real cash prizes! A brand new app for the new mobile world. Easily keep all of your apps in one place and get rewards everytime you refer a friend to a new app. With real prizes and free tournament games with awesome grand prizes, you can play apps that pay you to use them! With Your Web Base, you can even earn 10% of the winnings from anyone in your network. 

The first available game is called 7 Degrees, the world’s first Progressive Winner Jackpot. Your Web Base is your connection point to all of the best new apps and games, with each app providing a referral program going as deep as 7 levels. The longer the game goes without a winner the more people will win when someone does hit it. The more people who play the better your odds are of winning, with no limit on the number of people who can win.

The Grand Prizes for the launch of 7 Degrees are Nano Smart Phone Packages. Nano Smart Phone Packages are the world’s smallest wearable smartphones made with the latest Nano technology, sourced from around the world. It also includes a global SIMM that works worldwide with no roaming and a pair of wireless headphones. A prize package that would make even James Bond himself jealous.


Key Benefits:

  • Play Free Games That Pay Real Cash and Prizes!

  • Easily Keep All Your Apps In One Place

  • Play Great Apps That Pay You To Use Them

  • Get Rewarded Everytime You Refer A Friend To A New App

  • Win Awesome Prizes

  • Earn 10% Of The Winnings From Those You Refer!


How It Works:

  1. Download Your Web Base

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  3. Share With Friends

  4. Earn Real Cash Rewards

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