Your Web Base is not one thing, it is lots of great things!

Whatever you are searching for you can find it here.

Right now we have 4 sources of income

There is no distinction between earning money and to do good in the world at the same time!

Maybe you are looking for an opportunity, maybe you are tired of the inequality in the world, maybe you have a great idea you need help with... whatever you want this is for you.

'Your Web Base' is made to unite people with the goal to share wealth and say no to injustice. To let the people benefit from the work they usually do for free.

We put the companies who are sharing their profits with us here under one roof.

People love Frega and WowApp, they make new connections on Webtalk, they need JTT and so on...

'Your Web Base' allows affiliates to promote all of them with
one single link and building a single downline in all of them.

Through this gateway we are creating the world's first 'Polyopoly,' the opposite of today's
monopoly where the money goes only to the owners.

When this base of people is big enough we also have our own programs waiting to be turned on.

When that day comes it will no longer be a handful of people reaping all the financial
rewards of billions of people's efforts but instead it will be the people reaping what
they have sown.

And a return to the days where new companies compete against each
other fairly on an even playing field!

The People have the power. Alone we are powerless.

Alone we are invisible. Together we are invincible!


hairy spider emoticon Welcome to Your Web Base!