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Get Paid when you, your friends and their friends try ours & our clients
new products and services for free up to 35 levels deep. You do not need
to sponsor others to earn with our program but your earnings will be
substantially higher if you have a downline.

For years big companies have exploited the masses. Billions of people do tons of work
every day online and only a handful of people reap all the financial rewards.
They continue to use & abuse us daily by chiseling away at our rights and privacy,
blackmailing us with what we have built. Our friends, family and social connections
held against us if we do not agree to their new and more risky terms & conditions.

What would happen if all the people came together? What if we the people who
make all of the social Internet world possible came together and said
enough is enough? What if we said if you are going to make hundreds of billions
of dollars a year because of us from your advertisers we want our share?
What if we say NO! What if we set the rules and if THEY do not agree
we walk away and go where they will? I will tell you what will happen. They will listen.
They will do whatever we tell them as a group. You know why?
Because without US, they cannot exist!

By helping all the companies who are looking to do good in the world and combining
them under one roof we believe that in the future we will be the SUPERPOWER of the
Internet thus wielding the same power that these Internet giants use to control
the Internet today.  'Your Web Base' allows affiliates to promote all of them with
one single link and building a single downline in all of them. Through this gateway
we are creating the world's first 'Polyopoly.'

When that day comes it will no longer be a handful of people reaping all the financial
rewards of billions of people's efforts but instead it will be the people reaping what
they have sown. And a return to the days where new companies compete against each
other fairly on an even playing field!

The People have the power. Alone we are powerless.

Alone we are invisible. Together we are invincible!


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